As of June 1st, 2020, our firm has resumed normal office operations. Our lobby is open as we continue sanitization efforts and practice social distancing and wearing of masks.



The care of minor children and aging or incapacitated adults is one of the greatest worries on the minds of people planning to protect and provide for their family. Such family members and friends deserve the most protection, as they are society’s most vulnerable.

We have the skill and experience to protect the well-being and the financial and healthcare futures of their loved ones, including minors and adults. For decades, we have worked with families to carefully consider their options in arriving at the best solution for their families’ needs and wishes.

Routinely, we assist parents in creating guardianship provisions to care for the person and property of a minor child in the event of a parent’s death or disability.

Due to disabilities, limitations or aging, adults and seniors often need assistance in attending to their daily needs or finances. Our team also has experience helping families decide what level of decision-making support and protection is appropriate for their loved ones. At times, families cannot agree on the best method in which to protect their vulnerable family members. We try to assist our clients in avoiding the stress of court action; however, we guide our clients through the complexity of such legal proceedings when necessary. Clement Wheatley has decades of experience representing clients in amicable and contested Guardianship and/or Conservatorships proceedings.